After the discovery that coolant are fatally for the environment the international community consider to replace them. The old types of coolant R12, R22 , R502 used oil which became from mineral oil but new types of coolant SUVA MP 39, R134a, R404, R407, R410 used oil which didn’t destroy ozone. According European legal system and law of nations, all American and European companies be obliged until 31/12/2009 replace the old types of coolant with new ecological types.

Bambas Frost company following the new technological requires , use at the manufacturing process of commercial refrigerators and freezers, ecological ( free of CFC ) polyurethane for refrigerators and freezers insulation and ecological coolant R 134a and R 404a. Also, we take big concern of the energy consumption of the products because is very important part of an economical and environmental friendly appliance. To achieve energy saving on refrigerators and freezers we use higher thick insulation, lower energy consumption and more efficient compressor units, self closing doors, terminal switches on doors, LED lights etc. All products of Bambas Frost are recycling throw the official collective system of the Alternative Management of the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece Appliances Recycling S.A. which is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and by ISO 14001:2004.