Easy maintenance and service


The motor of the counter refrigerators is readily accessible as it can be dragged out of the refrigerator for maintenance and better access on all the parts of the device. You can now easily clean your compressor with compressed air and your technician repair it lightly in case of damage.

Tropicalised system of cooling for environmental temperature +43°C


All refrigerators and freezers are tropicalised (T), suitable for environmental temperature +43°C

Shelves without empty space between them


Profit the total storage place of your commercial refrigerator. The grills of all the refrigerators of BAMBAS FROST are joined, without leaving empty space. As a result, you have bigger capacity up to 25% and safer storage of your products.

Gastronorm containers and grills on the same guide.


Save space having the possibility to place gastronorm container and grill in the same guide. Thereby, you maximize the storage space and always have your products organized and in the right position.

Uniform distribution of cooling at all the cabinet


Uniform distribution of cooling through air-flow system to keep the products fresh for longer time.

Two temperatures with one compressor for energy saving


The new dual temperature cabinet of BAMBAS FROST is the first commercial refrigerator that functions with one motor and one evaporator. The best way to save money, energy, and space in the kitchen. For more information click here.