Stainless steel in commercial kitchens


There is a reason that most bars and restaurant kitchens are composed of stainless steel equipment: it is highly durable, can withstand high temperatures and is safe for food preparation, all the important factors in the operation of an efficient kitchen. Place commercial stainless steel equipment in every part of the kitchen

Three characteristics of stainless steel material:

  • Stainless steel in low-carbon steel contains chromium, which provides protection against stains and corrosion. It is durable, fire-proof and easy to maintain it because it does not require harsh cleaners to achieve its shiny look.
  • Stainless steel is used in commercial kitchens, hospitals and food processing plants because it is easy to clean and nonporous, meaning it cannot absorb moisture as other materials such as wood. This particularity makes it a safe choice for these professional environments while it prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.
  • Stainless steel does not require maintenance. Although during the use it can get surface scratches. These blemishes can be easily removed with copper or metal cleaners and soft rag. Whereas formica surfaces can crack or break under stress or impact, stainless steel is durable enough to withstand impact. It is not needed to replace it because of yellowing warping or cracking.

The Type 304 stainless steel that BAMBAS FROST uses is a T 300 Series Stainless Steel austenitic. It has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is defined as a Chromium-Nickel austenitic alloy. It is used for a wide variety of home and commercial applications and it is one of the most familiar and most frequently used alloys in the stainless steel family.