Since 1998 BAMBAS FROST Company based in Kozani – Greece, operates in the field of manufacturing commercial refrigerators and stainless steel accessories.

Founded by Mr. Konstantinos Vamvas with extensive experience in the industry, was quickly staffed by experienced personnel, and trained with expertise in refrigeration and manufacturing. BAMBAS FROST company manages to fulfill the needs of the customers in catering equipment industry and through selected partners has conquered the Greek market with quality products. Beyond its dynamic presence in Greece, our company participates successfully every year in various international exhibitions in the industry, presenting always its substantial work and new products.

By using high know – how, experience, excellent raw materials and ecological specifications, the company BAMBAS FROST produces a wide variety of high quality catering equipment  for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, pastry shops and for all kind of professional kitchens.   In our product range you can find cabinet refrigerators & freezers, refrigerated tables & freezers, working tables, sink units, cupboards, etc. All our products conform to the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives, certifying the reliability of our company, such in the domestic as in the foreign market.
The modern facilities of BAMBAS FROST total area of 11,000 square meters are located at the 3 rd km of National Road Kozani – Thessaloniki of the industrial area Kasla.
Its large storage facilities permit the company to make short time delivery orders.



The essential concern and commitment of BAMBAS FROST company and philosophy of each executive it to provide products and services that fully meet the requirement and expectations of customers in the required delivery times.

BAMBAS FROST Company, in order to achieve its goals :

  • Has established and applies a quality Management System which is in conformance with ELOT EN ISO 9001
  • All the products conform to the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives
  • All refrigerators and freezers are tropicalised (T), suitable for environmental temperature +43°C
  • Uses high quality raw materials like AISI 304 stainless steel, L’Unite Tecumseh compressor (FRANCE), DIXELL (ITALY) and CAREL (ITALY) temperature controllers
  • Improves continuously the characteristics of its products, where this is possible as well as the implementation of the most advanced technologies
  • Always disposes the necessary resources for the efficient and effective function of each part of company, in order to strengthen its leading market position with an increasing range of product
  • Informs its customers about the safe use and maintenance of the products and plans the respective improvements

By adopting the principle of continuous improvement, achieved through collective effort, BAMBAS FROST Company uses its extensive experience and invests in the quality of buildings, respect and customer satisfaction.



Our first concern is to produce products that meet the international standards and they follow the new trends and technology requirements.

We redesigned our products to provide in market improved refrigerant units, which is ecological friendly and customized in new technologies. To achieve these goals, we have moved on some changes one of them is to use the new refrigerant R290.

The advantages of a refrigerant unit that uses refrigerant R290 are the following:

• Reduced energy consumption
• Higher efficiency of the cooling circuit
• Reduced devise sound
• Higher energy class


Beside the change of the refrigerant gas, a very significant factor for the energy saving is the thickness of the insulation. Having this under consideration, we enlarged the thickness of the insulation for the cabinets, both refrigerators and freezers, 7cm thickness on the body and 8cm on the bottom. Always using new technology insulation materials, that are friendly to the environment.


In cooperation with the Italian house DIXELL, we have created a new electronic temperature controller, which provides the latest technological innovations
of DIXELL such as:

• Waterproof panel IP67
• Night function for energy saving
• Pioneering design and bigger digital display.
• Special covering plate for humidity protection

Furthermore, the electronic temperature controller comes with an easy changing button for fast replacement without expertise knowledge.


All the cooling appliances are equipped with evaporators that are covered with a special paint with anti-corrosive protection. This means that we achieve longer lifespan and endurance in hard work conditions, such as storage of food in high salt content, dairy and cheese products.


With the new cooling system SMART COOL the temperature is evenly distributing even if the external temperature is high. The new cooling system in combination with the renewed evaporator provides uniform temperature and the airflow is distributed in three levels in the cabinet. With this functional cooling system, the temperature deviations are insignificant.